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I'm Natasha Rose—designer, illustrator and designer.

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Always in the process of making and open to new creative projects.

Art Director, Visual Designer, Illustrator, Maker

Professional experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, Creative & Art Direction

Specialties & Experience


  • Develop visual brand standards
  • Provide visual direction for marketing initiatives + supplemental creative
  • Planing, sourcing, and direction

History + Services


For the entire duration of our time working together, Natasha was such a pleasure to work with. Very professional, she completed outstanding work and really helped us develop and set standards for our brand. She really understands marketing and design and was able, with very little direction, to make our ideas a visual reality.
— David Becker, CoFounder, zkipster



  • Custom illustrations
  • Invitations, greeting cards, and stationery
  • Patterns for wrapping paper, products & fabric
Natasha is an absolute pleasure to work with—she is professional, responsive, and extremely talented. She took our vision (a rough sketch of an idea) and brought it to life through her gorgeous painting. We will definitely work with her again in the future!
— Melissa Oppenheim



  • Branding kits
  • Multiple concepts & solutions for logo development
  • Brand maintenance
  • Support visual advertising and promotional communications
  • Organize workflow schedules between design, marketing, copy writing
  • Photography for social marketing efforts
The first thing you’ll learn working with Natasha is that she’s an incredible artist—across media, styles, etc. From watercolors to graphic design to food styling and packaging, Natasha does it all, and fast. The second thing you’ll learn from Natasha is how fearlessly she gives and receives feedback. It’s refreshing, honest, and makes both you and Natasha more productive and better collaborators. That, combined with her operational focus, makes Natasha very effective.
— Jason Green, Founder, Edenworks



No magic tricks. Just solid brainwork and smart design solutions.

Independent doer, but teamwork makes the dream work.

Natasha is an absolutely terrific designer! I worked with her for almost 2 years and in that time we collaborated on many projects together. She is super creative and can translate your vision into a beautiful product. One particular presentation that we worked on together is a showpiece that I use constantly and that everyone remarks on how beautiful it is. Natasha would be a a great addition to any team who was lucky enough to have her.
— Leigh Wasserman, Integrated Marketing Manager, SpinMedia

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Currently Working On

My first stationery line will be showcased at the National Stationery Show, May 2017!

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